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In 1980, Gideon Dienner, an amish man from Lancaster County , decided to venture out to Philadelphia. After much consideration about a location - he decided on the Reading Terminal market to plant his roots. And this is where it all began for Dienner's Barbeque Chicken. In 1980, and for years, not only did Gideon sell rotisserie chicken, but he also sold raw whole choickens, wings , & legs. People all over Philly started talking and Gideon was busy.  His son Sam Dienner helped him run the show- and soon took over leaving Gideon to retire happily at a young age.  Sam ran the business as the only "Dienner" with his wife Barb until 2017, when Sam's oldest son, Anthony and his wife Lindsey bought the business.  

In the past 7 years, Dienner's has added quite a few items to their menu, but their Rotisserie chicken is still the same recipe as it was in 1980.  It is loved, and it is delicious!  People come from all over come to try Dienner's chicken - we've even been told we have the best chicken in Philadelphia! 

So stop in and try it for yourselves! We have whole chickens, legs, wings of all kinds - sandwiches, rotisserie sides and much more.  A little bit of Lancaster County brought fresh to you - From the farm to your table... nothing beats Dienner's for Dinner!

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